Special Moments

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Childrens Eyes | 0 comments

There are moments in your life that are special. I’m sure you’ve all had them, the ones that give you the warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy, well this is one I’ve had recently I’d like to share with you.

A 20 month old little boy was brought to me by his mother for spectacles. Fortunately the mother had noticed a problem with his eyes and had been sent to the hospital via his GP. The family are current patients of mine and he’d been refracted at the hospital due to his age. She brought him to me to try spectacles. This little boy was deeply untrusting of medical professionals after what he’d been through at the hospital for his examination (which no doubt involved drops) so he automatically presumed spectacles were some alien torturing device which were going to cause him great pain. He fought me and to get anything on his face for longer than a few seconds before they were thrown to the floor, whilst he was crying and screaming, was an achievement. After a few tries  I managed to work out what would fit him and find frames his mother approved of so she whisked him away to try and soothe him and you can imagine I was looking forward to our next meeting to try and fit the specs when the prescription was in!

And so the day came. I blocked an hour out of my diary so the practice would be quiet and less intimidating for him. I walked towards the little boy and his face filled with fear. I popped the glasses on him…… and this was the magic moment. He looked around the shop with utter amazement and awe. He was now seeing the world as he should not the blurred version he was used to. Not once did he attempt to remove the glasses and his beaming smile was something special to behold. He kept looking around the shop fascinated with what he could see. He ran up to a mirror and looked at himself, seeing himself in a different and new way for the first time. He was fascinated with the laminate flooring in the shop as previously he would not have noticed the wood grain and all of a sudden he could see it. This was truly a warm and fuzzy moment for me. Watching him “see” the world for the first time was amazing. He walked out the shop holding his mother’s hand and not once tried to remove the specs. My job was done!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your children’s eyes tested even if you think they are ok. The younger the child the easier it is to resolve issues that hopefully will not affect them in later life. I am happy to examine children from two and a half years old but will have a look at younger children if you are concerned. I examined an 8 month old the other day as the mother wanted her checking.

I hope my story gives you a glimpse into my daily life as an optician and how rewarding it can be. I hope you get a little warm and fuzzy feeling too 🙂