Parents risk their children’s eyesight in the sun

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sunThree quarters (76 per cent) of parents don’t protect their children’s eyes in the sun

Up to 80 per cent of a person’s exposure to harmful UV happens before the age of 18 

Of those who do buy sunglasses for their children, almost half (46 per cent) put cost ahead of protection

British parents are risking their child’s eyesight by exposing them to bright sunlight without appropriate protection, according to a new study from the College of Optometrists. Over three-quarters (76 per cent) of parents questioned admitted to not making sure their child wears sunglasses when out and about in the sun. Almost half (43%) of parents ensure their child’s time in the sun is limited and three-quarters (76%) make sure they apply suncream to their child’s skin, buying sunglasses to provide protection for the eyes appears not to be a priority. Almost a third (29%) of those questioned do not even buy sunglasses for their children; however, of those who do, only one in four (25 per cent) choose sunglasses from a reputable brand or supplier and 46 per cent opt for price over protection.

The world health organisation states : Worldwide approximately 18 million people are blind as a result of cataracts, of these 5% of all cataract related disease burden is directly attributable to UV radiation exposure.

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