Mrs A Magee BSc (Hons) Mc Optom, practice owner and optometrist, and Mr J Bramley BSc (Hons) Optom, our resident optometrist, have more than 35 years’ combined experience. After they complete your fully comprehensive eye examination, they will give you informative and easy to digest advice on your eye health and corrective prescriptions.

Your journey continues with our fully qualified dispensing opticians to discuss your bespoke spectacle frame and lens requirements, as we appreciate your spectacle fit and measurements are every bit as important as your eye examination.

Private eye examination:

Enhanced – £65

Full eye examination and OCT 3D scan.

*OCT 3D Scan – Using a 3D Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT Camera), our Optometrist will take both a digital photograph and a three-dimensional cross section scan of the back of your eye. Very similar to an Ultrasound scan, the OCT uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers that make up the back of your eye. This highly advanced screening allows for better and more precise information regarding early signs of retinal disease and macular degeneration.

Standard – £40

Full eye examination and retinal photography.

NHS eye examination: 

Enhanced – £25

Full eye examination and OCT 3D scan*.

Standardno charge**

Full eye examination and retinal photography

**Patients may be entitled to have a sight test funded by the NHS. Those entitled to a contribution towards the cost of spectacles receive a voucher which is dependent on the strength of prescription. If you are unsure if you are entitled to an NHS sight test click here.

Contact lens appointments:

Contact lens trials: £30

Contact lens aftercare: from £30


Specialist Services:

Visual stress screening and coloured overlay assessment

Colourimetry – Precision tints for the relief of perceptual distortions in visual stress/”Meares-Irlen” syndrome.


Bespoke dispensing services

At Clear View at Eastgate we’re passionate about eye wear. We believe spectacles have become a vital accessory to express the wearer’s individuality and style. Our friendly team have extensive product knowledge and are trained to select the best fitting frames to compliment your face shape, image and lifestyle.

  • Bespoke frame fitting – personal consultations available by appointment.
  • Custom hand made frames – spectacles to fit your precise facial measurements.
  • Specialist sports lenses – we can provide lenses for any sport. Fishing, target shooting, cycling to name but a few. Contact us for more details.
  • Prescription swimming goggles.
  • Safety Spectacles.
  • Dental loupes.