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We are pleased to announce we can now offer a colourimetry assessment for visual stress and tinted spectacles lenses to assist with this.

 What is Visual Stress?

Visual Stress refers to reading difficulties, light sensitivity and headaches from exposure to disturbing visual patterns. It can be responsible for print distortion and rapid fatigue when reading. The severity of these symptoms can vary from person to person. The symptoms can occur despite normal vision. Alternative names may be used to describe this condition including, Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. 

The prevalence of visual stress has been reported as occurring in 5–20% of the population, many of which suffer unknowingly or may be misdiagnosed. In people with dyslexia this is thought to be higher at around 35-40%.

What are the symptoms?

  • Movement/blurring of print
  • Letters changing shape or size, fading or becoming darker
  • Patterns appearing, sometimes describes as “worms” or “rivers” running through print
  • Illusions of colour – blobs of colour on the page or colours surrounding letters or words
  • Rapid tiring
  • Headache or eyestrain


  • Moving closer to or away from page
  • Becoming restless
  • Using finger as a marker
  • Skipping words and lines
  • Rubbing eyes and blinking excessively
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of concentration/disruptive behaviour


Symptoms of visual stress are not always immediately obvious. Many individuals who suffer with this condition believe the discomfort they feel when reading or the distortions they experience on the page are “normal” and experienced by everyone. That is until someone presents them with an appropriate colour and they realise that reading can become more comfortable and even enjoyable.

During colourimetry we can find the specific colour to benefit you. We tailor the 3 parameters of colour, hue, saturation and brightness while the eyes are colour adapted.  This will give a final colour which is extremely precise to each individual’s needs. The colour will be different for each person and the precision coming from a choice of over 100,000 colour combinations now available. In its most effective form this prescription will be delivered as Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses.

If you would like to book a colourimetry assessment please contact Annabelle at the practice.


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