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cataractCataracts are cloudy (opaque) areas that develop in the lens of an eye.

The lens should normally be clear. But, with cataracts, the affected lens becomes like frosted glass.

In the UK about 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 has a cataract. Men and women are equally affected. Often both eyes are affected, but one eye may be worse than the other.

Typically, an age-related cataract forms gradually over many years. Many people with an early cataract do not realise they have it. This is because the cloudiness caused by an early cataract is mild and the vision is hardly  affected. In some people, the cataract does not become too severe. However, in many cases, vision becomes gradually worse over the years.


  • Blurring and haziness- although the precise pattern often varies between different people.
  • Dazzling and suffering with glare

Cataract does not cause redness, pain or watering.

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