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Our standard products and services are listed below. If there is anything not listed that you would like to discuss, please call 01522 542121 or email us.

  • Private eye examination: £40
  • NHS eye examination: No charge*
  • Contact lens trial: £30
  • Contact lens aftercare: from £30

*Patients may be entitled to have a sight test funded by the NHS. Those entitled to a contribution towards the cost of spectacles receive a voucher which is dependent on the strength of prescription. If you are unsure if you are entitled to an NHS sight test click here.

Specialist Services:

  • Visual stress screening and coloured overlay assessment (Eastgate practice only)
  • Colourimetry – Precision tints for the relief of perceptual distortions in visual stress/”Meares-Irlen” syndrome. (Eastgate practice only)
  • OCT 3D Scan (Eastgate practice only)
  • VDU (computer) eye wear and safety eye wear.
  • We accept MCR (Parmalee) safety vouchers and Eye-care vouchers.
  • Prescription ski/cycle/scuba masks and swimming goggles.
  • Corporate packages.